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Milano Ventures Ltd.

Globally distributed hybrid clouds, media and broadcasting services with embedded Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

Managed Clouds

Fully managed and secure hybrid clouds (private & public clouds) with real-time disaster recovery.


We create your custom web or in-store radio, using your music and your advertising to increase your sales. Or: simply use our CDN solutions for any audio and video streaming.

International Broadcasting

We offer our media and broadcasting clients global broadcasting solutions tailored to their needs, including live and on-demand streaming, satellite radio, TV, AM/Medium Wave, International Shortwave re-broadcasting services (World Radio).


We help organizations wishing to move to Ireland, and provide IT, cloud, media, International broadcasting and professional advice at Board and C-level.

hybrid clouds

Hybrid clouds

We aggregate privatepublic clouds. We provide globally load-balanced hybrid clouds (PaaS, IaaS & SaaS) for secure, high speed, high traffic applications, IoT, cloud storage, media streaming & delivery,  reliable email and DNS services.

DNS, SSL certificates and domain registration services

Domain name registration, SSL certificates, DNS

Multiple, redundant, reliable DNSemail servers (multiple globally distributed SMTP & MX records) to corporate and NGO users, including antivirus, antispam, dynamic intelligent filters, domain name registration and SSL certificates.

professional email services

Professional email

Professional email services using globally distributed SMTP & MX records to corporate and NGO users, including antivirus, antispam and dynamic intelligent filters.

International broadcasting

International broadcasting

International radio & TV services to Government, NGO and Christian media. Live and on-demand streaming, satellite, AM & Medium Wave, Shortwave to any country worldwide.

NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association provides news and information to the most displaced areas in the world, on streaming, satellite, radio & TV. NEXUS-IBA connects whoever has a message to spread to millions all over the world.


Int'l NGO, Broadcasting & Multimedia Services Worldwide

WorldDirector is our multi-cloud, globally distributed cloud architecture. WorldDirector changes how your business always stays alive against attacks and outages.

Wornex International (Ireland)

Global cloud & media services

UN Radio produces daily news bulletins that not usually heard on conventional media. Since the early 1990’s, our founders have been carrying UN news worldwide, including Serbia, Kosovo, Iran, Iraq, South Sudan and across the iron curtain.
United Nations Radio

First-hand World News & Information

Radio Colore is a web & in-store radio created by Milano Ventures. It’s not just a radio station, but also a community that engages professionals with a very Italian-style touch.
Radio Colore

Web & InStore Radio for Retail

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