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Milano Ventures Limited

About Milano Ventures Ltd.

Milano Ventures is a cloud, media and broadcasting Limited company based in Dublin, Ireland. We are ideally located in the main European and US technology hub to have both a European and international scope, philosophy and clients. We are privately funded and have a solid technical and market history.

Although we are a rather new company (2016), we bring over 40 years of experience in broadcasting (1979-), media (1990-), cloud (1994-), IT security and infrastructure, software development and consulting.

Fully managed clouds, no self-service, no worries, no fuss, no hassles

Our fully managed cloud services are based on a hybrid distributed cloud technology initially developed at NEXUS-IBA‘s Innovation Lab in 1994.

Globally distributed, hybrid clouds using WorldDirector technology

Milano Ventures employs and maintains WorldDirector, a globally distributed hybrid cloud technology that enables any online service, portal, archive, or mobile application over a globally distributed cloud with inherent resilience and disaster recovery characteristics.

We specialise in managing demanding, high traffic and highly reliable commercial, nonprofit or government applications on private and public (hybrid) clouds.

Milano Ventures’ technology provides dynamically scalable virtualised resources, distributing CPU and network load globally across the cloud. WorldDirector is used effectively by our clients to run several SaaS (Software as a Service) business and e-commerce applications.

Broadcasting and media services

Milano Ventures also provides international broadcasting and media services to global organisations, either on the internet or via International radio and TV services reaching every corner of the World.

Our founders established the Italian Radio Relay Service (IRRS) in 1979 as the first-ever International Relay Service serving international broadcasters. Broadcasters that have been using our services since 1979 include the BBC, Deutsche Welle, Radio Sweden, the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Beijing, United Nations & UNESCO radio, Swiss Radio International (SRI), Radio Nederland, Voice of America (VOA) and several other Christian broadcasters and program producers.

Our clients use our global media services to deliver content to countries they cannot usually reach independently.

We also provide CDN and cloud services to international media and broadcasting organisations and have distributed their multimedia content via audio and video streaming since 1994.

Where are we based?

Milano Ventures operates from Dublin, Ireland. Our technical infrastructure is based in Europe, North America and Asia.

We use private and public clouds from major cloud providers and data centres worldwide. We provide International broadcasting services from licenced transmitting facilities around the World.

We serve clients anywhere around the World.

Milano Ventures registered business names

Frequently used trading names of Milano Ventures Ltd. include:

  • Wornex International (Ireland)
  • NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association (NEXUS-IBA)
  • International Public Access Radio (IPAR)
  • Irish Radio Relay Service (IRRS)
  • Italian Radio Relay Service (IRRS)
  • European Gospel Radio (EGR)