Ireland: +353 1 906-9231 - USA: 855-699-6763 - UK: +44 20 3529-6775

Company Registration details

Milano Ventures Limited
incorporated in Ireland with Limited Liability
Directors: C. Corcoran, A. Cotroneo (Italian), Y. Roman
Registered Office: 34 Temple Hall, Mount Saint Annes, Milltown, Dublin 6, Ireland.
Registration number: 593079
VAT: IE3449381AH
Phone: +353 1 9069231
Website: or:

Frequently used trading names of Milano Ventures Ltd. include Wornex International (Ireland), NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association (NEXUS-IBA), International Public Access Radio (IPAR), Irish Radio Relay Service (IRRS), Italian Radio Relay Service (IRRS), European Gospel Radio (EGR).