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Milano Ventures consulting

IT, Cybersecurity and Global Media Consulting services

Milano Ventures Limited: Leading the Way in Global Cloud Consulting, IT Security, and Media Solutions

Milano Ventures offers its customers a wide range of expertise in software and project management, hybrid (private and public) clouds, high-reliability online services, scalability, disaster recovery, security and vulnerability assessment & scanning, and domain name registration.

Milano Ventures provides innovative solutions to many global businesses, including global media enterprises (paper & digital). Our services include smart DNS and Domain Registration services, CMS (Content Management Systems), portals, intelligent (AI) article retrieval systems and content aggregators based on keywords and areas of interest.

Since 1988, we have been leaders in international broadcasting, and we are a Broadcaster and Frequency Management Organisation member of the HFCC (High-Frequency Coordination Conference – International Broadcasting Delivery). We can provide international HF (Shortwave) frequency coordination, monitoring and broadcasting solutions on satellite, AM, Medium Wave (MW) and Shortwave.

Finally, we help companies wishing to move to Ireland. We work with customers to assess their needs and objectives, help them with company formation, establish their operations, and relocate and outsource business and cloud services in Ireland or abroad.

We also provide expert advice on technology and innovation at the Board and C-level to companies, universities, NGOs and nonprofit organisations (NPOs) worldwide.WorldDirector disaster recover and CDN by Milano Ventures

Global Cloud Consultation with WorldDirector

  • WorldDirector: Experience the cutting-edge with Milano Ventures Limited’s multi-cloud architecture, WorldDirector. Offering globally distributed hybrid clouds, WorldDirector ensures top-tier protection for websites and web-based applications. This revolutionary service provides resilience, speed, and unparalleled security.
  • Globally Distributed Clouds: Expand and scale your business with our leading globally distributed cloud solutions, enhanced by WorldDirector’s robust capabilities.
  • Hybrid Cloud Expertise: Achieve the ideal balance of on-premises and cloud infrastructures. With the integration of WorldDirector, our hybrid cloud solutions guarantee adaptability, scalability, and peak performance.

Milano Ventures global networks

Unmatched IT Security for the Digital Age

  • Vulnerability Scanning: Stay ahead with our advanced scanning tools, designed to pinpoint vulnerabilities, ensuring your systems are always safeguarded.
  • Holistic IT Security Solutions: From recovering from viruses to building fortified IT defences, trust Milano Ventures Limited for comprehensive cybersecurity offerings.

Recovering from Malicious software, Trojan Horses or Viruses

In the digital era, cyber threats are everywhere, posing grave business risks. At Milano Ventures Limited, we specialise in quickly and securely rescuing your servers or websites compromised by Trojan Horses, viruses, and other malicious threats.

Remote Backup Services: Security Beyond the Norm

In today’s interconnected world, data is invaluable. At Milano Ventures Limited, we’re pioneering the future of data security with our globally distributed cloud services. Offering multiple remote backups, your data is hosted at diverse geographical locations and networks. This ensures redundancy and fortifies your data against localised threats or failures.

While many big players like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft often emphasise limited liability in their standard SLAs, especially concerning service interruptions or data loss, Milano Ventures Limited champions a proactive approach. Although service continuity and data loss guarantees are rare in traditional services and SLAs, our remote backup services prioritise the highest degree of safety and accessibility for your data.

IPAR International Public Access Radio free speech

Pioneering Global Media Delivery

  • Seamless Streaming Solutions: Capture global audiences through our top-tier streaming services, ensuring your content is accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Radio & TV Broadcasting Solutions: With Milano Ventures Limited’s expertise, deliver your message loud and clear through traditional airwaves or digital channels.
  • Global Satellite Media Outreach: Surpass geographical challenges with our satellite media delivery to Europe, Africa & Asia, ensuring global reach without limitations.

Milano Ventures Limited is where cutting-edge technology meets seasoned expertise. Partner with us for transformative cloud solutions with WorldDirector, unmatched IT security, and global media delivery that defines excellence.

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