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Managed cloud services

Fully managed clouds

Milano Ventures offers fully managed cloud services on WorldDirector, a highly redundant, geographically distributed across three continents, hybrid cloud.

Perhaps you do not have all in-house competencies to be able to manage securely and cost-effectively your corporate cloud services (web, email, e-commerce, etc.), and you need a reliable partner to manage, update, monitor and proactively defend your IT and cloud infrastructure.

Perhaps you need to talk to a real human, rather than to a computer when you have a real technical issue that must be solved immediately.

Perhaps you heard about Amazon AW$, Micro$oft Azure, Google Cloud $olutions or some other very low cost cloud provider, but you have not enough technical expertise to set up your account, and, most importantly manage it securely, defending your infrastructure from hackersdenial of service attacksmalwareviruses or crypto locker.

Milano Ventures fully manages securely and cost-effectively not just one, but several globally distributed clouds on behalf of corporate, government and non-profit organisations worldwide.

We include inherentautomaticreal-time disaster recovery for always-on online services, using Wornex Int’l disrupting technology: WorldDirector.