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Domain Name registration and smart DNS

Internet domain registration services are available to Milano Ventures’ customers in connection with WorldDirector services and with an existing contract of services. Milano Ventures can register more than 650 different internet domains.

Every domain includes:

  • A managed registration process that assures full compliance with each Registry’s rules, and 100% success.
  • Managed smart DNS services at no additional cost, with at least four primary DNS servers on different AS;
  • ICANN compliance guaranteed, including registrant validation and all required expiration reminder emails;
  • Contact Privacy (optional and not available at the Registry for all domains, additional charge applies)

Milano Ventures’ smart DNS assures the availability of all cloud services under extreme conditions, such as major disasters and attacks. For all of our managed services, we use multiple primary DNS that are located in different countries, in different continents and using different Autonomous Systems. This configuration accelerates domain name lookup (DNS resolution) and improves the availability of any cloud service. Having redundant primary DNS on different Autonomous Systems assures that the DNS system for your domain does not have a single point of failure, and routing to DNS is unaffected when major failures on the Internet happens or when you are under attack. The traditional DNS service offered by most providers, consisting of a one primary DNS and one secondary DNS on the same Autonomous System, relies on multiple single points of failure (i.e. the master DNS, a unique AS and often just one single router for your IPs). In a unique primary DNS configuration, if the master DNS becomes unavailable or is under attack for a long time, all services will start to fail, including web and email services (websites will be unreachable, and email not received).

Contact Privacy hides the identity of a Registrant when a user does a WHOIS lookup on that Registrant’s domain. The benefit of having Contact Privacy is that the Registrant’s identity, including home address, phone number, and email address, is shielded from spammers, identity thieves and scammers. When Registrants enable the Contact Privacy service, masked contact information appears in the public WHOIS database.

Here is an  excerpt of Milano Ventures‘ domain registration policy:

Milano Ventures offers registration services ONLY in connection with other internet services, such as hosting, co-location and other ad-hoc services for this domain. Milano Ventures reserves the right NOT to renew your domain name if you have not paid all dues in advance AND for customers not having a service contract signed with Milano Ventures. If you are not a Milano Ventures’ customer or you have no existing contract with Milano Ventures it is your responsibility to transfer your domain to another provider before it expires. If you fail to do so before the domain expires, you are responsible for losing your domain. MILANO VENTURES WILL NOT RENEW DOMAINS UNLESS WE HAVE A SERVICE CONTRACT IN PLACE FOR THIS DOMAIN AND UNLESS WE HAVE RECEIVED ALL DUES BEFORE THE DOMAIN EXPIRES.

TLD (Top Level Domain) can be registered via Milano Ventures Ltd

TLD (Top Level Domains) available for transfer or registration with WorldDirector service

Special requirements
.abogadoMember of legal profession
.aeroMember of aviation community
.alsaceNexus with Alsace community
.arOwner contact must be local
.asiaLegal entity in .ASIA community
.auAustralian presence
.barcelonaBarcelona Nexus required
.bayernLocal presence in Germany
.berlinLocal presence in Berlin
.brBrazilian prescence
.bzhNexus with Brittany community
.caPresence in Canada
.cn.CN registrations are currently suspended. Existing domains can be renewed.
.corsicaNexus with Corsica community
.dePresence (admin-contact) in Germany
.doctorrestricted TLD – see additional notes
.euPresence in EU
.feedbackCannot use A records
.filmThe applicant or registrant must be a member of an approved association, body or union and/or closely connected to the domain name.
If the domain name is a film title, the applicant or registrant must be a member of an approved association, body or union and hold rights to the exact matching film title.
.frPresence in European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein
.hamburgRegistrant, Admin or Tech contact in Hamburg
.huAdmin contact must be local
.itResident or Citizen of an EU country
.jobsMember of SHRM or in HR management
.jplocal contact in Japan
.krRegistrant must be based in Republic of Korea
.lawMember of legal profession
.mdOwner must meet residency requirements. See Additional information.
.melbourneRegistrant must be a Victorian entity, resident or associated entity
.myLocal contact in Malaysia
.noOwner must be local
.nrwPhysical presence in Germany
.nycPhysical presence in one of the five New York City boroughs
.parisNexus with Paris community
.pmAdmin contact must be local or within EU
.quebecNexus with the Quebec community
.reOwner must be local
.rioNexus to city
.ruhrRegistrant or Admin contact in Germany
.scotScottish Nexus required
.sgOwner and Admin must be local
.soOwner must be local
.srlOnly companies that are registered as SRL qualify to be a Registrant of an .SRL domain name
.sydneyRegistrant must be a resident, entity or associated entity of New South Wales.
.tfAdmin contact must be local or within EU
.tirolNexus with Tyrol community
.travelParticipant in travel industry with a UIN
.ukRegistrant must be based in UK for .uk only
.usU.S. Nexus requirements
.wfAdmin contact must be local or within EU
.ytAdmin contact must be local or within EU