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international HF, satellite TV and AM radio broadcasts

International radio and TV

Milano Ventures has more than 40-year experience in broadcasting to any part of the world. Daily, on behalf of several international organizations, we carry cultural, religious, ethnic, political, unbiased news and public service programs via our international relay stations. Our broadcasting services are aimed at any individual, government, corporate, NGO, political, secular or Christian organization.

We offer competitive bundles including Shortwave, AM/Medium Wave, Internet streaming and satellite radio & TV to reach any audience in Europe, Africa, the MIddle East, Asia/Pacific and the Americas.

International Broadcasting Airtime

Satellite, Shortwave and international AM (Medium Wave) radio signals can be received using inexpensive receivers worldwide.

European coverage on AM / Medium WaveTraditional ways of broadcasting your message only on local FM, AM radio or digital radio and even on TV are quickly becoming ineffective and obsolete because of the increasing use of Internet streaming and media fragmentation, especially among those who can access the Internet at high speed.

However, there are vast and unreachable areas not covered by the Internet or local radio or TV, i.e. in the less developed regions of Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Eastern Europe. In some other areas (i.e. Somalia, Ethiopia, China, Tibet) or conflict zones, the Internet may be either censored or blocked, and many Western websites, streaming radio and TV stations cannot be accessed.

Shortwave radio or satellite may be the only way to reach those areas.

The importance of International broadcasting in covering war and conflict zones

Throughout history, international broadcasting has stood as a beacon of hope, shedding light on the most obscure corners of conflict, where human rights violations and atrocities often go unreported.

Take the Ukraine-Russia war, where global media is pivotal in reaching the population amid the destruction of most telecommunication infrastructure.

Shortwave at the time of war and regional conflicts

Similarly, during the 2023 Israel-Palestine conflict, international broadcasts bring the stories of civilians trapped in Gaza and the situation in Israel after massacres of innocent populations, ensuring local coverage and that the world does not turn a blind eye.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict and the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, a largely forgotten episode in the West, were punctuated by moments of global attention due to the relentless efforts of broadcasters that used our International Medium Wave (AM Radio) Shortwave services to the region.

The wars in ex-Yugoslavia, marked by ethnic cleansing and genocide, would have remained a distant reality for many had it not been for the courageous journalism that brought heart-wrenching stories of Sarajevo and Srebrenica to our listeners in the area and worldwide.

The various regional conflicts in Africa, from the Rwandan genocide to the ongoing strife in Sudan, have underscored the importance of international coverage, driving humanitarian efforts and policy changes.

Milano Ventures, with our partner NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association, helps any organisation worldwide by using international broadcasting not just about news but also about giving voice to the voiceless, ensuring accountability, and shaping the collective conscience of humanity.

Shortwave Airtime is very cost-effective.

Shortwave radio remains the most cost-effective electronic mass medium that can span enormous distances instantly and penetrate every home for all the talk of satellite radio and TV. It reaches listeners in remote places in Africa where no other media, including FM, AM or the Internet, can get. Also, Shortwave radio is portable and is a companion wherever one goes. It is indeed the world’s most mobile electronic mass medium. Modern Shortwave receivers are ultra-compact and very easy to use.

International Shortwave radio service to Asia Secular news and political media

Milano Ventures helps individuals and governmental or non-governmental organisations reach the most troubled countries via powerful transmitters from strategic locations in Europe and outside. According to international law, in compliance with International Telecommunication Union (ITU) regulations, we can legally beam highly directional antennas to any country from “outside” the target country’s jurisdiction and avoid any local or national ban or political censorship.

We have a long history of promoting free and liberal media, assuring pluralism of information, with particular attention to all ethnic, cultural, political, and religious minorities, without regard to race, sex, language, or political or spiritual beliefs. We operate our broadcasting services per the Universal Declaration of Human Rights principles, the Fundamental Rights guaranteed by the Irish Constitution and according to European and International Law and local and national law at each transmitter site. In case of any conflict or technical problem, we can also quickly change the time, frequency or transmitter site.

Shortwave radio listening in Africa

Christian Radio Airtime and TV opportunities

Milano Ventures offers Christian broadcasters, Churches and independent Christian radio producers an efficient way of communicating with new listeners worldwide by combining several different media with one package, reaching listeners in several countries with a single powerful broadcast.

Milano Ventures will help deliver your Christian message to millions of listeners worldwide in poor and underdeveloped areas. We can use a combination of international radio channels (shortwave), international AM radio, Internet streaming and satellite TV to reach the most remote regions in the world. If you still use local radio and TV in your own country, you may be losing access to millions of listeners worldwide that you can evangelise.

We offer you our media, competence and advice for all your broadcasting, media and communication needs. You provide the content, and we provide all technical assistance to broadcast your message worldwide efficiently.

Contact us

Contact us confidently for rates and further details if you wish to broadcast your radio or TV program internationally.

We can broadcast your program anywhere worldwide on Shortwave radio, satellite, Internet radio or web streaming, and even via telephone and VOIP (Voice Over IP).

We can offer a complete package including frequency selection, monitoring, and production of a continuous 24/7 audio or video broadcast based on your program material (also streaming on the WorldDirector network), or merely make complete use of our transmitters for relaying your program via satellite, international Shortwave & Medium Wave or AM to any country.