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European Gospel Radio

European Gospel Radio: Christian Radio airtime

European Gospel Radio (EGR) is a non-denominational, worldwide Christian Broadcasting Network airing via Milano Ventures’ international broadcast facilities in co-operation with the NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association (NEXUS-IBA).

EGR offers all Christian program producers direct access to millions of listeners worldwide. In addition, NEXUS-IBA offers our media, competence and advice for all broadcasting, media and communication needs of Churches, Christian radio stations, Bible preachers and any individual or organisation involved in preaching the Gospel to the world.

You provide the content, and we provide technical assistance to broadcast effectively your message worldwide.

Our broadcasters and program producers provide the content. We provide all technical assistance to broadcast their programs and messages cost-effectively and to the largest possible audience of any global target.

Evangelism today: How to spread the Gospel?

Traditional ways of broadcasting the Gospel only on local TV, FM or AM radio are quickly becoming ineffective and obsolete. Why? That’s because of thousands of satellite, radio & TV broadcasting channels, especially Internet media fragmentation. Therefore, it is valid in the USA, Europe and the rest of the world.

Worldwide, Christian radio can potentially reach millions of persons for Jesus Christ. If you are a small Church, Pastor or any Christian media organisation, you can enlarge your outreach, covering several countries and millions of listeners overseas.

So many stations are available online and on local FM, AM or TV. Still, vast and unreachable areas are not covered by the Internet and local radio and TV, especially in the less developed regions of Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.


Christian broadcasting over European Gospel Radio

European Gospel Radio reaches millions of listeners across Europe, the Middle East and the Asia/Pacific.

How does European Gospel Radio work?

Just like any other type of radio, Christian radio can be produced by almost anyone who has a few minutes every day, the necessary media equipment like a microphone, a PC or sometimes just a tablet, and an Internet connection.

European Gospel Radio offers Christian broadcasters, mainly independent Christian radio producers, a much more efficient way of communicating with new, existing and additional listeners worldwide. We offer a complete package combining several different media like Shortwave, AM/MediumWave and streaming, reaching many more listeners worldwide than your local radio or TV station.

Christian radio broadcasters can now increase and establish their English and foreign language outreach by broadcasting their programs in other parts of the world. In doing so, they grow their audience in different countries and worldwide.

Additional streaming is always free of charge

We provide international broadcast and streaming services to anyone who wants to broadcast their Christian programs to Europe, the Middle and the Far East, Africa, Asia and beyond by radio, using high-power transmitters and directional antennas.

Streaming is always included at no extra charge in our basic package. In addition, we can create your own 24/7 streaming station using audio content that you will upload to our streaming servers and broadcast as a live radio stream using our fully automated scheduling software.

How can we help your mission?

European Gospel Radio is a worldwide Christian radio network with the purpose:

  1. to bring God’s message of hope, forgiveness and freedom through Jesus Christ to more people on radio;
  2. to train and encourage Christian radio broadcasters for this task;
  3. to be a medium for cooperation between them;
  4. to help these radio broadcasters cope with the (technical) challenges that arise with the growing number of listeners.

At European Gospel Radio, we do our utmost to go beyond just radio broadcasting. We provide the tools and support you need to succeed and fulfil your Christian radio mission. As a non-profit organisation, we can offer you support and backing of a highly professional nature, and we give the best possible attention to quality, creativity and impact.

Visionaries created Europe Gospel Radio to help you succeed in spreading the Good News around Europe and the World. It is a station with a mission, and it is designed and managed by people who care and understand your needs and problems.

In cooperation with Milano Ventures, NEXUS-IBA and European Gospel Radio offer dedicated media channels, competence and advice for all your broadcasting and communication needs. You can find us on Shortwave around the world, on 918 kHz AM/Medium Wave in Southern & Central Europe, and 24/7 online via streaming from NEXUS-IBA (Milan, Italy):

Christian radio is one of the most potent and effective ways to Evangelise the digitally-divided world! Our dedicated team intends to support you in your Call to Ministry by providing quality Christian broadcasting services and streaming solutions worldwide.

Interested to know more? Please fill in your details and we will get back to you with more information on how to broadcast your programs worldwide.