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IPAR International Public Access Radio

International Public Access Radio (IPAR)

International Public Acces Radio (IPAR) is a dedicated service provided by Milano Ventures that promotes free speech on our radio stations, TV and internet streaming. We have as been promoting freedom of information worldwide since 1979, and operate no censorship on audio and video material that we broadcast.

All programs aired via the IPAR segment are broadcast daily unabridged to many areas of the world, including Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific in English, German, French, Spanish and local languages.

Specific targets may be reached using transmitters up to 300 kW and directional antennas on Shortwave, AM / Medium Wave in Europe and satellite radio and TV.

Here is a sample of our daily (24/7) live programming:

IRRS/IPAR (opens player in new tab)


For more information on using International Public Access Radio (IPAR), please contact us.