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the Irish Radio Relay Service

Irish Radio International Airtime

Milano Ventures Ltd and NEXUS-International Broadcasting Association (NEXUS-IBA) present the Irish Radio Relay Service (IRRS), a cultural radio link to Europe, reaching Irish abroad and people interested in Ireland and the Irish culture. We reach out on Shortwave radio and via streaming to the most remote areas in the world.

Our History

In 1987, a small group of idealistic and highly dedicated people with broadcasting experience of their own had the idea of starting the Italian Radio Relay Service (IRRS), initially with an FM and then a Shortwave radio station to link independent cultural program makers and the European Audience. The shortwave medium had been recognised for years as the most effective means of reaching the most significant number of Europeans by radio and for the high quality of its audience. The Italian Radio Relay Service (IRRS) on Shortwave, known on the air as the I-double-R-S,  went on the air in November 1988 and was an immediate success.

In 1990, the IRRS became part of the nonprofit NEXUS-IBA, now operating through the facilities of Milano Ventures Ltd, based in Dublin, Ireland. The founders of NEXUS-IBA used their funds to finance the necessary equipment. Initially, they used the facility in their spare time on Saturdays and Sundays to broadcast music, discussion programs, topical presentations, old radio shows and plays. IRRS-Shortwave quickly became a unique part of the European shortwave scene and attracted a lot of publicity and interest. The experiment was so successful that inquiries poured in from other program producers who were also anxious to use Shortwave but could not afford the high rates for airtime charged by the established commercial stations.

Since 2001, we upgraded our broadcasting centre and started using higher powers of 50, 100, 150, 300 kW and beyond to reach the entire world on Shortwave. We now offer our members and clients a complete range of services, including highly reliable and globally distributed Internet audio and video streaming services, satellite radio & TV rebroadcasting, web presence and professional email using our cloud services at data centres in Europe, Asia and the USA.

And so, the NEXUS association and the IRRS idea grew. Soon afterwards, IRRS-Shortwave began airing the current affairs and cultural programs of leading international, intergovernmental agencies and special program services produced by other broadcasters. Thousands of listeners praised their content as being of quality and nature that was not available elsewhere. NEXUS-IBA is strictly non-denominational, open to members of all faiths, and carries all kinds of secular programming.

Today, we operate more efficiently from Milano Ventures Ltd in Dublin, Ireland, and facilities around the world. Still, we keep solid links with the NEXUS-IBA association; its expertise, people, membership, and values inspire our operations.

The Irish Radio Relay Service

While the old, but still good, concept of the Italian Radio Relay Service is still valid today, when we brought part of our infrastructure to Dublin, Ireland, in 2016, we wanted to dedicate part of our programming schedule to our new host country. Today, our stations carry small but fascinating fragments of Irish culture, music and news to the world.

Wherever you are in Ireland or around the world, if you have an Irish program, we will gladly carry it on our stations and reach a truly worldwide audience.

Join us, listen to our daily broadcasts, and discover pieces of Irish music, news and culture that are now part of our daily programming.

The technical side

On Shortwave, Milano Ventures and the Irish Radio Relay Service operate from several European locations, using 100 to 300 kW transmitters with directional antennas that can be aimed at any country. Careful frequency management and digital audio processing techniques assure signal strength and subsequent high station profile across Europe, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. We can also reach North and South America, even though the interest of our broadcasters on Shortwave is currently restricted to other areas in the world. From concept to transmission, Milano Ventures is on a solid basis and would be happy to welcome any program in any language to any target.

Who needs broadcasting on Shortwave?

Anyone who wants to talk to the world by radio in the most cost-effective manner.

Do you remember the pictures around the world during the Gulf War, showing people glued to their Shortwave radios to get the latest news from the outside world? During that crisis, sales of shortwave receivers skyrocketed, leaving dealers with empty shelves. Shortwave once again demonstrated its importance and effectiveness. For all the talk of satellite radio and TV, shortwave radio remains the most cost-effective electronic mass medium that can span enormous distances instantly and penetrate every home in Europe. Also, shortwave radios are portable and can be used wherever one goes. It is truly the world’s most mobile electronic mass medium. Modern shortwave receivers are ultra-compact and very easy to use. Milano Ventures offers you direct access to millions of Europeans at low rates.

Who will I reach on Shortwave?

Step into the vast shortwave and medium-wave (AM Radio) broadcasting world with Milano Ventures, and let your message reverberate across continents. In Europe, imagine tapping into a potential audience of 67 million listeners. But this is just the beginning.

Venture beyond Europe to reach 200 million Arabic speakers in Europe and the Middle East. Dive into the Francophone world and connect with 70 million French speakers in Europe and Africa. And as you span across Africa and Asia, there lies a goldmine of English-speaking listeners—millions who communicate in English as their first or second language, eager for content that speaks to their experiences and aspirations.

Shortwave and Medium Waves (International AM Radio) become the information arteries in places where local broadcast options or digital access are sparse. They ensure your content resonates in regions otherwise hard to reach or affected by the digital divide.

Choosing Milano Ventures as your broadcast partner isn’t just about reaching audiences—it’s about creating impactful, lasting connections with diverse communities across the globe.

Milano Ventures offers more than airtime.

Our organisation’s heart lies over a quarter-century of profound expertise in Shortwave. But our offering goes well beyond mere broadcasting airtime. We are committed to crafting holistic experiences that transform your broadcasting vision into a resonating success.

Our support extends to comprehensive counselling to guide your content strategy, ensuring your message meets its ideal audience precisely when they’re most receptive. And this counsel isn’t just strategic: if you wish, our seasoned experts will provide editorial and technical assistance meticulously tailored to the unique contours of your broadcasting needs.

Our adaptive scheduling embraces all broadcasting patterns, whether regular daily transmissions, weekly features, or even the one-off, distinct programs. Urgent broadcast requirement? We’ve got you covered with our rapid response capability, readily accommodating short-notice services, and swiftly integrating content from both the Internet and satellite sources.

With us, you’re getting a full-spectrum broadcasting partner, not just an airtime provider. Dive deep, explore the possibilities, and let’s script broadcasting brilliance together.

No one is too big or too small to broadcast with us

Whether you’re an emerging voice or an established broadcaster, Milano Ventures is your gateway to an international audience that’s vast and diverse. We take pride in providing an unmatched platform for all, understanding that every voice, big or small, deserves to be heard.

Tapping into our international broadcasting services allows you to reach the corners of the world where conventional internet and radio waves don’t often penetrate. From regions confronting the digital divide to those grappling with extreme governmental censorship like China, Tibet, Ethiopia, Somalia, and several countries across Africa and Asia – we bridge the gap, connecting you to eager listeners seeking quality content.

Our audiences are not just vast; they’re loyal. They’ve consistently lauded the unmatched diversity and excellence of our programs. If you possess unique or “minority” content that hasn’t found its perfect home elsewhere, Milano Ventures offers a welcoming platform where such material is bound to resonate.

Rest assured, your content remains untouched. We have no political or religious leanings. Our liberal editorial policy ensures that as long as your content is law-abiding, it will air unedited, preserving its authenticity. With Milano Ventures, it’s your message, your way – free from intermediary influence.

Let’s embark on a broadcasting journey tailored to your specific needs. Whether your content revolves around culture, tourism, current affairs, or religious themes, Milano Ventures and the Irish Radio Relay Service are dedicated to amplifying your voice on a global scale. Connect with us, and let’s explore the boundless possibilities together.


For more information on using Milano Ventures’ Irish Radio Relay Service (IRRS), please contact us.