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Audio and Video streaming

Milano Ventures offers solutions aimed to deliver high-quality audio and video streaming channels on behalf of our customers. We also maintain a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that can provide one of the fastest and most cost-effective solutions to any audio, video, text or file distribution requirement.

Milano Ventures also creates live, real-time 24/7 audio and video streams with your material, and/or any commercially available news and information program. Clients delegate the production of their streaming audio or video flow to Milano Ventures, and then use the output on their web sites, over their local station, over our broadcast channels, on satellite or for in-store radio or TV solutions.

We currently operate audio and multimedia streaming channels on behalf of our customers worldwide. All audio and video streams are offered simultaneously over multiple, redundant, load balancing clouds in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Check Radio Colore a new web and in-store radio produced and delivered by Milano Ventures, and hosted on our WorldDirector CDN.

For more information on using Milano Ventures’ radio, TV, audio and video streaming services, please contact us.