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WorldDirector in a multicloud architecture

Multicloud architecture, in which different cloud providers host multiple services, is becoming increasingly popular among organisations.

According to Eurostat 41% of enterprises in the European Union have at least one application hosted in the cloud in 2021. Hosting in the cloud can save on initial infrastructure, planned and unexpected maintenance, and operational costs. However, there are challenges and complexities associated with adopting a multi-cloud architecture that organisations should consider.

Challenges in multi-cloud migration

One of the organisations’ most significant challenges when migrating to the cloud is choosing the right platform. Sometimes, the choice is made for them, for example, when certain outsourced services work only with certain cloud providers. In other cases, organisations had become locked into using a specific cloud vendor when applications were first moved to the cloud. Another challenge associated with running a multi-cloud architecture centres on security. Organisations need to apply a consistent security policy across all cloud platforms that are consistent with the security policy of internal systems. This can be challenging because different cloud providers have different security protocols.

Milano Ventures’  WorldDirector technology as a fully-managed multi-cloud enabler

Milano Ventures Ltd help managers and leaders understand the challenges of migrating to and securing a multi-cloud infrastructure. Our technology called WorldDirector is offered as fully-managed service across distributed private and public clouds and operates natively on multi-cloud environments, including proprietary and secure “edge” technologies designed to secure and protect the client’s data and applications.

WorldDirector as globally distributed , self resilient multicloudOverall, a multi-cloud architecture can provide many benefits for an organisation but also comes with challenges. Choosing the right platform and ensuring a consistent security policy across all cloud platforms are two key considerations organisations must consider when migrating to a multi-cloud infrastructure.

Benefits of moving to a multi-cloud infrastructure

The future of IT projects is in the cloud, and the benefits of cost savings, resiliency, and new feature enhancements that organizations realize by moving to the cloud are too great to ignore. But there is a difference between moving to the cloud and moving to a multicloud or hybrid cloud environment. Milano Ventures Ltd helps small and large organisations to evaluate which strategy is right for their applications.

When deciding whether to move to a multicloud environment, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of the decision. The first step is to examine where the application currently sits. Is it hosted in a datacenter managed by your organization, colocated, or is it already hosted in a cloud provider’s datacenter? Many organizations start by moving their application to a single cloud provider first in order to understand the experience and the challenges associated with cloud migration.

Milano Ventures multi-cloud consulting services

Another important factor to consider is how much control your team is willing to surrender to the cloud providers. Cloud providers offer a range of services from the most basic, in which the cloud provider simply offers hardware and a range of IP addresses, all the way up to a fully managed service. The service you choose is also a budgetary matter. The more cloud provider services you take advantage of, the greater the costs.

It’s also important to determine how quickly your provider installs patches and to fully document code and dependencies prior to moving to a multicloud environment. You must also demand the same from your cloud providers. You need to fully understand the services the organization is using, what the cloud providers’ patching cycles are, and how to get support if something goes wrong.

Milano Ventures multicloud migration consultingDesigning for a multicloud infrastructure often means redesigning your application to accommodate a more complex networking and infrastructure environment. We, at Milano Ventures Ltd, we have designed our multi-cloud technology in a way that such modifications are often unnecessary as WorldDirector can be totally transparent to both users and application data.

We have have architects on staff who can help answer any questions from your team and offer tips to make the migration process smoother. Cloud architects are a valuable and expensive resource for many organizations, so often it pays to have these competences outsourced when evaluating migration to a multicloud platform.


Moving to a multicloud environment is a big decision that requires careful consideration of the pros and cons and a thorough evaluation of your organization’s readiness. The benefits of cost savings, resiliency, and new feature enhancements are undeniable, but it’s important to understand the challenges and limitations of a multicloud environment before making the move. With the right planning and assistance from cloud providers, organizations can successfully migrate to a multicloud environment.