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WorldDirector globally distributed cloud

WorldDirector globally distributed cloud

WorldDirector globally distributed cloud hosting is a managed service offered using hybrid (private and public clouds) located in Europe, USA and Asia. Additional private and public clouds, aggregating both clients’ and cloud providers’ infrastructure at any location, may be enabled with the WorldDirector technology, mostly without change or configuration of customers’ software.

WorldDirector (active) configuration provides the folowing characteristics to all of our cloud services (i.e. hosting, Databases, email, DNS):

  • Embedded, automatic Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
  • Edge caching for Internet servers and applications, regardless of protocol (http, ftp, TCP/IP, UDP, etc.);
  • Enabler for multimedia streaming (audio & video) from multiple locations, to bring multimedia content close to the edge of the Internet, and to the end user;
  • HTTP content acceleration via standard IETF Content Encoding to any Web site, regardless of the server’s operating system, HTTP origin server or type of Internet application;
  • Static and dynamic web server accelerator. Adds scalability at a very low cost to any web portal or application. Offers up to  40 times increase in performance for dynamic portals, with more than 200 concurrent accesses.
  • Global and local load balancing: it reduces automatically the load on the origin Web site using additional WorldDirector nodes. The cost of each WorldDirector server is a fraction of the origin Web server in case of large portals. For smaller sites, each WorldDirector node may be shared among different web sites;
  • Provides protection to DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) and Internet Worms, by filtering undesired requests to the origin server. This may be especially useful to avoid situations of network congestion and breakdowns such as those created by all kinds of attacks;
  • Automatic configuration and de-configuration of each WorldDirector node when servers are down, and when they are up again. Any server can be brought down for maintenance when needed, or any network segment can fail without disrupting service until at least one or the last WorldDirector node is reachable.This is extremely helpful for government or e-commerce sites, or in case to handle catastrophic events.

The fully automatic mechanisms provided by WorldDirector (including automatic reconfiguration and automatic disaster recovery)  is absolutely transparent to end user, application and administrators, and does NOT depend on any master/slave, and has NO central point of failure characteristics. It also introduces no latency at all, compared to other master/slave or star centered solutions.

When using Milano Venture’s managed cloud services, we proactively manage all aspects of security, configuration, updates, as well as 24/7 monitoring and alarms against hardware, software issues and attacks.

Our approach translates into reliable, high-speed service, built-in redundancy and disaster recovery, and extremely low latency, so that you do not need a team of dedicated IT experts to manage your cloud.

Our approach allows a modular expansion option for additional services, as well as integration with any type of private and public cloud (Amazon AWS, Google cloud, Azure, etc.), should an upgrade be desired at a later time.

Milano Venture’s technology is used successfully by corporations, NGOs, government, as well as web, advertising and communication agencies and offers the highest degree of reliability and customer satisfaction.

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