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Wornex International (Ireland)

Wornex International (Ireland)

Wornex International (Ireland) is a business name registered by Milano Ventures Limited.

Wornex International is your technology partner for high speed and high-reliability public, private and hybrid cloud hosting of any application. Wornex provides fully managed cloud services and maintains up-to-date services, 24 x 7 technical support, physical and electronic security and in-built support for business continuity and disaster recovery.  With a fully managed solution, our clients do not need to have access to internal DevOps, security engineers or dedicated IT personnel to install, upgrade, update and maintain their cloud services.

Wornex uses WorldDirector as its Globally Distributed Cloud and CDN (Content Delivery Network). WordDirector is based on a Globally Balanced Network with datacentres in North America, Asia and Europe for high reliability, high traffic cloud services and web-based applications for government and corporate users.

With a mix of our datacentres & servers and a combination of private clouds belonging to our private and government customers, as well as additional infrastructure using Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform around the world, we offer 100% availability on a fully, multi-provider, hybrid cloud.

With WorldDirector we provide a fully managed, hybrid cloud environment providing hosting, co-location, optional web design, application development and a wide range of highly reliable and fast cloud services to multinational companies and media organisations worldwide.

We also work with webmasters, digital and web marketing agencies, providing technical support, security, installation, upgrades and maintenance for their clients’ web and email services. We offer an o­ne-stop shop for all corporate web presence and communication needs. WorldDirector is also licenced to VOIP telephony providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Application Service Providers (ASPs) worldwide. 

We offer high availability hosting services for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, mail, audio and video delivery from day one. Our customers are co-located on one (as a standard cloud hosting service) or multiple redundant servers, located at different datacentres around the world to survive even the worst possible service disruption.

Most importantly, WorldDirector & Wornex International improve your quality of service and offer you great savings o­n your traffic, bandwidth, infrastructure, network, hardware, software, licence, cloud hosting, IT, security, direct and indirect costs.

If you are just looking for your next cloud hosting provider, get all the above included in our high-speed fully-managed cloud hosting and co-location services.

Contact us for more information on your next project, or on how to transfer your existing website, Internet domain, email or cloud application on our platform.

The Wornex perspective

WORNEX International and Milano Ventures Limited provide competitive services and technology to ISPs, ASPs, Government and companies that spend more than Euros 100,000/year in Internet server services such as portals, B2B, B2C applications or Web sites. WorldDirector also targets those organisations that host B2B or B2C applications via dedicated lines from/to their corporate data centres, allowing them to deliver their content with enhanced speed through WorldDirector based edge caches worldwide. Wornex technology and services may produce incredible savings on the cost of data traffic and leased line, increasing user clients’ experience, reliability, and quality of service with embedded disaster recovery capabilities.

WordlDirector enables cloud computing, automatically, on an app, web service or web site, via HTTP, FTP, HTTPS or VPN.

WorldDirector automatically enables:

  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

providing at the same time global load and network load balancing across all the WorldDirector based cloud.

WorldDirector offers a competitive advantage to all operators in the housing and hosting services market, digital telephony (VOIP) especially to medium-large corporations, carriers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Application Service Providers (ASPs) and international oriented organisations (commercial and non-commercial). WorldDirector may provide savings in term of network costs, hardware and software infrastructure, as well as increased speed and reliability to any web-based application or website. To the average ISP, this means also being able to compete in their offering and acquire new customers from the competition, and retain accounts in a very competitive market.

Sales of WorldDirector based services are placed, nationally and internationally, by WORNEX, its agents or resellers to SMEs or large corporations. Sales of single WorldDirector licenses by a local ISP are complemented by the sales of other Internet services, such as hosting, co-location & Internet bandwidth at a mix among: the local ISP’s Web Farm; customer’s location via leased, xDSL or fiber optic lines; and/or at any of Wornex Int’l Web Farms around the world.


Wornex International is offering a wide range of services to international clients via our infrastructure in Europe, USA and Asia. Our pricing fits the needs of small, medium and large businesses, non-profit organisations as well as resellers.

Because of this, Milano Ventures and Wornex International don’t put prices on our website, to avoid any confusion. To send you the right price and the right quote we need to understand what your project is all about.

The fastest way to get an estimate or a quote is to explain your project from both a technical and business angle. The more information we get, with a signed NDA if necessary, the easier it is for us to send you a quote.

Help us understand your project! Please contact us with any relevant details.

15 min consultation

Wornex 15 minute consultationWe offer a no-obligation 15 min free of charge discussion with one of our specialist to assess your needs and evaluate possible solutions using our technology and services, worldwide. Strictly NO booking of sales and marketing calls, please.